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Pertti Jalava - Into a Warm Night

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This the Profile CD of the Finnish Composer Pertti Jalava. Kimmo plays in this CD with String Quartet Akademos.

Pertti Jalava: Into a Warm Night 2015 (Acte Préalable AP0342)
Rahunen Kimmo, guitar,
Kwartet Akademos:
Szabelka Anna, 1st violin, Cogiel Joanna, 2nd violin,
Batog Aleksandra, viola, Sobik-Ptok Danuta, cello
Lorien Trio:
Lizer-Molitorys Alicja, flute, Kaczmarek-Bialic Agnieszka, harp, Batog Aleksandra, viola

The Eagle-Owl (2009)
I Allegretto – Dear Mouse, the Owl Doesn´t Sleep at Night!
II Adagio – On a Dewy Meadow
III Allegro – On Tip-toe
IV Allegro – The Eagle-Owl

Six Miniatures for guitar (1998)

String Quartet no. 1 Pictures of Spring Stream (2006/7)
I Icicles Melting on the Branches
II The Bubbles Play Under the Ice,
III Butterflies, Too Early
IV Boats, Whittled from Bark
V Spring

While You Were Sleeping I Opened the Door and Walked Out Into a Warm Night (2010)
I While You Were Sleeping I Opened the Door
II And Walked Out

III Into a Warm Night

Review of the CD in Musicweb International

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