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The idea and mission of this project was to make bridges between professional musicians, music pedagogues and composers between Nordic countries and Poland. The project had 3 main visions and aims:

1) to promote educational classical music composed by Nordic composers for the music pedagogues and music schools

2) to get young professional musicians involved in this project, so that in the future co-operation between Polish and Nordic musicians would be more efficient

3) to promote classical chamber music from Nordic countries in South-Poland.


The project included two main concerts with Nordic Music:


1) Concert in the Concert Hall of Chamber Orchestra Archetti in Jaworzno on 9th of December 2018

2) Concert in the Chamber Music Hall of NOSPR Katowice on 12th of December 2018



Duo Vitare (Finland):

Agnieszka Kotulska-Rahunen, cello

Kimmo Rahunen, guitar


Todo Art Trio (Poland)

Archetti Chamber Orchestra, Jaworzno (Poland)

Wojciech Wantulok, conductor (Poland)

The concert programs included world premiere of Double Concerto for Cello, Guitar and Chamber Orchestra by Swedish composer Mauro Godoy Villalobos, Polish premier of Hikk! for wind trio by Icelandic composer Hafdis Bjarnadottir and also music by Einojuhani Rautavaara and Edvard Grieg.

During the project there were also workshops conducted by Duo Vitare with composers Mauro and Hafdis in local State Music Schools of Bytom and Gliwice. During these workshops the artists promoted educational classical music composed by Nordic composers. During the workshops Duo Vitare premiered a new work composed for cello and guitar by Hafdis Bjarnadottir.

The project was supported by Nordisk Kultur Kontakt, Arts Council of Central Finland, Swedish Society of Composers and the Polish partners were "Archetti Chamber Orchestra", the City Jaworzno, the City of Katowice and NOSPR, The State Music Schools of Bytom and Gliwice.

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