Arto Järvelä - Fiddle, Nyckelharpa, Esseharpa & Voice
Agnieszka Kotulska-Rahunen - Cello
Kimmo Rahunen - Guitar
Nordic Folk meets Classical music

The Ensemble Arto Järvelä & Duo Vitare was formed in 2015 as a part of official  Jean Sibelius 150th-celebration year, promoted by Finnish Arts Promotion Center and Finnish Culture Foundations. The project was a great success and trio performed “The Waltz of Ainola - Sibelius inspired by Folk” -program in festivals and concert halls both in Poland and Finland. After realizing the  possibilities of this uncommon combination of classical duet and folk fiddler, trio decided to perform regularly. 

One of Finland’s premier fiddlers, Arto Järvelä has, over the past three decades, been a member of more than ten folk music groups. He's primarily known as founder, second fiddler, composer and arranger of Kaustinen fiddle legends JPP, in action since 1982. Throughout the JPP history, Arto has demonstrated  profound talents as a remarkably skilled player and as a gifted composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Arto Järvelä has made many fascinating pieces and  arrangements for this unconventional trio. Trios repertoire includes original pieces composed by Arto Järvelä, Finnish and Polish folk tunes arranged by trio and music by Jean Sibelius arranged by Arto and Duo Vitare.